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Welcome to the HEE Family

Hospitality  Executive  Exchange  has  been  a  passion  for  the  last  decade.    With  more  than  25  +  years  in  the  hospitality  industry,  the  creation  and  development  of  HEE  was  truly  a  way  to  think  out-of-the-box  and  bring  a  new  way  of  doing  business  to  the  hospitality  industry.    HEE  is  a  program  that  was  brought  to  life  through  conversations  between  colleagues  and  friends  who  truly  wanted  to  provide  a  platform  where  spirited  discussions  could  be  exchanged.  

Through  the  years,  HEE  has  become  one  of  the  premier  programs  in  the  hospitality  industry  creating an atmosphere that is relaxed, engaging and most of all productive.  We have created a family.  

HEE  is  a  different  type  of  program and  we  will  continue  to strive for experiences  that are forward thinking, fresh and most of all, relevant.      

We  are  constantly  looking  for engaging  speakers  and  ways  to  inspire  our  peers  and offer unique educational and training through real applications.  Every  component  of  the  program  is  focused  on  conversations and  relationships .    The  program  is  small ,  intimate  yet  extremely  dynamic  packed with valued take-aways.  

If  you  are  a  beverage  operator  looking  for  a  stress-free  way  to  meet  with  your  peers,  select  supplier  partners  while  engaging  in  conversations  that  are  relevant  and  fresh,  HEE  would  be  a  perfect  addition  to  your  calendar.    We  know  that  your  time  is  valuable,  so  we  work  very  hard  to  put  together   a  custom  program  that  remains  a  leader  in  the  industry.    

As I mentioned,  HEE  is  a family .    One  that   I  am honored  to  be  surrounded  by  each  and  every  day.    I  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  to  our  next  program.      Email  me  today  for  additional  information.    Jen@thepineapplegroup.net


Jen Robinson


Meet the HEE Team


Jen Robinson

Haley Bundren

Haley Bundren


Haley Bundren

Haley Bundren

Haley Bundren

Director  of  Office  Operations



Drew Robinson

Haley Bundren

Drew Robinson

Director  of  Onsite  Logistics



2020 and Beyond... the Next decade Begins!

Hospitality Executive Exchange is a one-of-a-kind program that has been carefully cultivated and crafted over the last 12  years by our industry.   Every program is different, yet, one focus remains the same -- RELATIONSHIPS and CONVERSATIONS.   

Our goal when we developed and launched HEE was to provide a platform where our multi-unit operators and allocated select suppliers partners could come together to discuss beverage strategies and opportunities without feeling pulled and pressured with their time.  We wanted to create a family of resources that would last beyond the conversations at the program, as well as foster conversations regarding issues we all face in the marketplace.  Education is key as we continue to think ahead and we learn from each other.   

HEE has grown through the years, not in size, but in quality and content.  We truly want every participant to feel part of the HEE family and we want there to be value added take-aways.  We've often heard the phrase..... one idea can make a million.  We believe in that and we celebrate it.  

We are very fortunate to have some of the brightest industry supporters who truly engage in the program and make the difference.  They help us identify what is real and relevant so that as we create a custom agenda, EVERY program is unique and different.  

We do not publish our agenda online as it is customized for our specific participants of each program.   We take a very hands on approach to our entire program so that every detail is personal and communicated in that manner.  

We would love to chat with you if you have an interest in our program, so please reach out today.