Quotes & Quips

Darlene Marcello, VP F&B, HRI Lodging

"I am so grateful and honored to have been invited.  It was very beneficial and I feel blessed to have met some wonderful people."  

Jim Gardner, President Whiskey Creek

"HEE was incredible. " 

Jason Harris, Dir. of Sales. Young's Market (AZ, OR, WA)

"I must say I was completely impressed with HEE and have already shared my positive experience with customers and suppliers.  Thank you for a couple of wonderful days."

Diana Caballero, VP. Caesars Entertainment

"Thank you for inviting me to HEE.  It was great to finally experience this wonderful program first hand that I've heard so much about.  The partners you have invited are first class and a great group of people. " 

Michael Herchuck, VP F&B, Smokey Bones

"Thank you so much for everything.  I was talking with others and HEE continues to elevate the bar.  I had the most takeaways from the one-on-one meetings and the property and food and beverage applications were amazing."  

Erin Flaherty, Director, NA, American Beverage Marketers

"Thank you for inviting me to participate.  I was able to cultivate new relationships with operators that I have not been able to reach out to yet, along with gain insight to where we can and cannot build partnerships.  I love it. "

HEE Proudly Supports CORE


CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) is the industry charity that HEE has chosen as it's official program charity.  CORE enables all of us to give back to an industry that gives so much to us.  

It's More than Raising Money

CORE helps many families through-out the hospitality industry, each with different needs.   HEE is proud to help raise awareness of the mission of CORE, the great things they do as well as provide opportunities to fund-raise through unique activities like CutThorat Cocktails.  

Hosting a CORE Family

HEE was so proud and blessed to host a CORE family during HEE East 2016 in beautiful Key West.  We were able to meet Claire, her mom and grandmother and celebrate her 3rd birthday.  Seeing first hand, the amazing help CORE provides is a true testament of the commitment this charity has to our industry.  


If you'd like more information on how to get involved with CORE or you have a family who needs help, please visit the CORE website.  


Lauren LaViola

Lauren LaViola, Executive Director

Office:  404-655-4690

Cell:  678-637-6002