HEE Select Suppliers

What is a Select Supplier?


HEE allocates 40–50 seats for select supplier partners for companies in the hospitality industry with a focus on beverage.  Categories include spirits, wine, beer, mixes, non-alcoholic - water, tea, coffee, technology, glassware, barware,  equipment and more.  We only have a certain allocation of supplier seats in each category making HEE valuable and productive.  



Return on Investment is a huge factor for any supplier.  HEE provides a unique platform for cultivating new relationships and maintaining old ones.  Suppliers spend on T&E is a high investment.  HEE provides the perfect way to see 40-50 accounts in one location with a focus on conversations, education, applicable showcase of products and applications.

Ask Our Family!


HEE is not a trade show.  HEE is not a traditional conference.  It is a family of hospitality industry professionals coming together to exchange insights, ideas and information.   Just ask any family member for their experience.  

HEE Family


Hospitality Executive Exchange is an intimate program for hospitality trade of multi-unit operators from national and regional chains, both restaurants and hotels from small, medium to large creating one of the most diverse groups in the industry.  Pre-scheduled meetings are the key to successful opportunites coming to fruition.  

No Pressure


HEE has a carefully planned agenda that balances face-to-face meetings, education and networking for the entire group so there is no pressure of feeling pulled to be here or there.  Everyone stays on property in a very relaxed, high end location.   Our goal continues to provide an atmosphere where relationships are the focus. 



Questions!  We love questions and conversations.   Please let us know what additional information you need regarding the program.  We'd love to chat live!  

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What Others Are Saying?

Stuart McGuire, Wolf Spirit


"We got 5 chain roll-outs out of 8 meetings in one program.  We would have never met some of these, if not for HEE.  Valuable and Profitable." 

Carolyn White, Trinchero Family Estates


"Loved Conversations Create Change session.  A very powerful piece.  The exercises made everyone engage and get to know people and you came at the topics from both sides - supplier and operator, which helped develop conversatons with empathy." 

Beth Borkosky, American Beverage Marketers


“HEE is without a doubt my favorite program all year.  It’s the best in the marketplace.  Productive, beneficial and feels like one happy family.”  


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Please send us an email with a request to participate and we will respond within 48 hours.  

Hospitality Executive Exchange


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