Hospitality Executive Exchange


What is HEE?

Hospitality Executive Exchange is a small, dynamic program made up of  40-50 allocated select supplier partners in the hospitality industry with a focus on beverage and 40-50 food and beverage professionals with purchasing power for beverage programs with concepts at national or regional chain restaurants and hotels.  HEE focuses on relationships and conversations with a carefully crafted agenda that the entire HEE family follows to allow for a productive, yet relaxed way to get business done.  


Created for the Industry, By the Industry

HEE  has a proven track record of being productive and successful.  HEE is a leader in the hospitality industry of taking a unique format and adding in relevant components making it one of the most valuable programs in the hospitality marketplace.   


Fresh. Relevant. Productive.

Time is valuable. We know you have many choices in the industry and we hope to be one of those choices.   Our goal is to provide a high end opportunity that is turn-key and beneficial for you.  One idea can change the world.  Conversations create change.  Let's Get Started!  

How to Participate?


Send us an Email!

If you are interested in attending HEE as a select supplier partner or a multi-unit operator,  simply send us an email with your contact and company information and we will respond within 48 hours.  

Jen Robinson, The Pineapple Group LLC

Being Selected to Participate

One of the best things about HEE is the intimacy of the group.  We really want our valued  operators partners  and select supplier partners to feel relaxed while getting business done, which is why we have an allocated number of seats in various categories providing a diverse group of participants.  

Once I'm Confirmed, What Happens?

HEE is a very small program.  We limit our correspondence because we know you're very busy.   Once we confirm your participation and reserve your seat, we will send you a registration form to complete.  Simply send it back and we will take care of the rest.  


HEE always strives to find a location that provides a unique backdrop for the program.   Being inspired is one of our priorities when we select a venue. 


The final overall HEE agenda is sent out appoximately 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the program along with your one-on-one schedules and any final details.  Easy.  Hassle-free.  Seamless.  

The success of the HEE program is everyone's participation in all of the agenda activities.  We have built lots of free time to check emails, take work calls, etc so we ask that all participants join us for every activity scheduled to ensure the best conversations.  

No Business Suits, Please.

HEE is a high-end, relaxed platform, but we prefer resort casual for all of our meetings.  We want you to feel comfortable while cultivating relationships.  So, no ties.  No suits.  

Resort Casual everyday.  

Cheers to our Peers!


The Chairman

Teddy McAleer was the Chairman of the HEE Advisory Board.  He was one of the brightest beacons in the hospitality industry.  He had a gift for making everyone feel like they were family.  He loved life and he lived it.    Teddy exemplified  what  the  word ”hospitality”  was  all  about  and  meant.    He  was  a  strong  advocate  and  ambassador  for HEE  and  believed  the  program  could  change  the  way  we  all  do  business.    He  helped  craft  the  foundation  that  we  currently  use  today .   

Teddy Mac Award

HEE is proud to announce The Teddy Mac Award will  be given out once a year to an individual that exemplifies all of the qualities that Teddy lived everyday.  This award is to remember and honor our friend, our chairman, our colleague....but it is also given to an individual deserving to be recognized for their commitment to the industry.  

The 2017 recipient of the Teddy Mac Award was Beth Borkosky. Blue Chair Bay Rum.   Our 2018 recipient of the Teddy Mac Award is Stuart Melia, Brittenn Cocktail Productions.  Our 2019 recipient of the Teddy Mac Award was Nichelle Ritter, The Food Hall, Co.  


 If you have someone you feel deserves to be awarded the Teddy Mac Award, please send an email to Jen Robinson, with your nomination and why.  Our next presentation of the award will be during  HEE  2020.    

Live Twice the Life

Teddy was one of those rare individuals who could walk into any restaurant, hotel, bar, stadium or anywhere all alone and walk out with a whole group of new friends who became family.  We cherish our memories and we toast Teddy at every HEE program. 


   What is an Icon?  HEE is proud to present the Icon Award  to an individual  who has left a lasting legacy on  the hospitality industry through their dedication, passion, work, and contribution.    The HEE Icon Award is presented every 5 years.  


   ”Magic”  Michael  Werner &  Jimmy  Skeadas  - HEE Icons 2013

 Joe Smith - HEE  Icon 2018


Golden Pineapple “Hall of Fame“ Honorees

HEE  focuses  on  relationships  and  conversations.      It  is  with  this  spirit , that  we  recognize  individuals  who  we  feel  have  made  a  huge  impact  upon  the  hospitality industy  and  truly  deserve  recognition  and  accolades  from  their  peers.    Each  year,  we  will  award  5  “Golden  Pineapples”   to  individuals  who  deserve to  be  among  those  placed  in  the  Hall  of  Fame  of  Hospitality .     

Our  Golden  Pineapple  Hall  of  Fame Class  of  2019  was  Don  Billings,  in  the  Mix  Magazine; Donna  Frederick,  Beam  Suntory;  Dan  Hoffman,  Marriott  International;  and  Larry  McGinn,  iMi  Agency