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HEE allocates seats in various categories for multi-unit operators.   Anyone who is a food and beverage professional, who are responsible for beverage purchasing decisions for their venues would be able to participate as long as there are open seats within their categories.  Participants are chosen from small, medium to large multi-unit national or regional chain restaurants or hotels along with stadiums, amphitheater’s, cruise lines, nightlife, golf clubs, movie theaters, entertainment venues and basically any concept or venue that has a beverage program and there are multiple units.  

No Crowds. No Masses.


HEE is the most talked about program in the industry because it is small and intimate by design.  No meeting fatigue.  We bring together valued select supplier partners and multi-unit operators,  in a relaxed yet very productive environment.  

We know that there are many programs that have unlimited capacity, but we feel that smaller groups lend themselves to engaging group discussions and educational forums that provides a unique opportunity to learn from peers.   

Ask the HEE Family!


We know that your peers and colleagues are our best source of referral, so we encourage you to ask one of our HEE family about their experience in attending the program. 

 This is the one program that was created for the industry, by the industry!   Everyone that participates is a partner, a friend, a colleague who brings something of value to contribute to the conversation and they all become part of the HEE family.   


HEE Benefits


HEE is a one-of-a-kind program focusing on you, the executive.  We feel conversations are the best way to learn so we ensure that every aspect of our program focuses on you, the executive being able to have real, fresh and relevant conversations through all of our applications.   

We carefully create a balanced agenda that includes face-to-face meetings, networking and educational topics and everyone does the entire agenda as a group.  

  HEE offers the operators a time to listen and learn from valued select supplier partners without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.  

Stress Free Registration


Once you have sent in a request to attend, the process to register is seamless.   HEE will respond in a very timely manner providing you with the necessary registration documents.  

 HEE values your time with only necessary updates and communication to make sure you have all of the information needed prior to the program.  

One of the most valuable components of the HEE process is allowing you, the executive, share what topics matter to you and which are relevant to your beverage strategies.  



We love questions.  We love conversations!  Please reach out to us at any time for additional information or to just chat live.   

We know that HEE is unique and different.  Sometimes it's hard to understand the format and the value but we feel certain

 you will love it.  

All of our operators and suppliers who have joined the family overwhelmingly voted HEE their favorite program of the year.  We don't take that lightly and we work hard to ensure a first class experience.  




HEE  is a unique and premier program.     Every component of the program provides educational value and our goal is to provide a relaxed atmosphere that will foster productive meetings and activities.  



Every HEE program has a custom agenda created and developed that pertains to those participating.  We know your time is valuable, so we take great care to create a program that has valued take-aways for you. 



The core of the HEE program are our face-to-face meetings providing you the opportunity to focus on beverage strategies and conversations during a set block of time.  The meetings are extremely relaxed, high-energy, upscale and productive.  HEE focuses on the education and training of product showcasing through-out our program.



HEE is a family.  It’s very intimate and our goal is to provide a platform where relationships can be cultivated and nurtured without the stress of being pulled here or there.   HEE is small and intimate,  making it one of the premier programs in the marketplace. 



One of the best parts of the HEE program are the conversations.  Real, relevant, and spirited.  Conversations between peers discussing topics that are meaningful and beneficial.   Created for the industry, by the industry truly happens during HEE.  



Often, when you attend a conference, you leave feeling let down.  We take this extremely serious and know that your time out of the office needs to be justified.  We work very hard to ensure that your meetings are productive, the conversations are relevant and fresh and that your time with HEE is valuable.  

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