The Coeur d’Alene Resort

The perfect location for conversations, cocktails and connecting.  HEE knows your time is valuable, so our goal is to provide a high-end location that offers the best atmosphere while removing the distraction.  


Beverage is our Business!

Select Supplier seats are open!  If you have a product or service that targets the hospitality industry with a focus for on-premise, contact us today.  Minimal investment but huge ROI. 


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On-Premise multi-unit operators of restaurants, hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise-lines,  theme-parks, stadiums, nightlife, golf clubs, and bars are hosted free with approved registration. 

Hospitality Executive Exchange

One on One Meetings


No pressure.  Pre-scheduled meetings in a relaxed and high end CEO style atmosphere.  The foundation of HEE are our face-to-face meetings in multiple sessions balanced with other activities.  

Educational Roundtables


Real Conversations on fresh, relevant topics and issues where we can exchange insights, ideas and information.  Discover new ways to handle issues, challenges as well as gain inspiration from your colleagues.  



Team Building.  Outdoor Lunches and Dinners.  Networking Breaks.  Relaxed.  Productive.  No stress.  No Hassle.  HEE makes the most of your time during the program facilitating engaging ways to interact with your peers.  

Created by the Industry


HEE is all about conversations.  The core and foundation is providing a platform for all of our participants to engage in relevant conversations without feeling pulled or pressured. 


Every day, we focus on beverages.  Morning, Noon and Night.  After all..... that is our business and profitability.  Trends are important and showing them in real, applicable ways is part of HEE. 


Join the most talked about program in the industry where the location, topics, activities, meals, networking, meetings and participation are all crafted  and cultivated so that the result is rewarding and resourceful.

Fresh. Relevant. Productive.

An Experience


Hospitality Executive Exchange strives to be unique, different and out-of-the box making the program one of the freshest in the marketplace.  Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind experience for you to share with your peers and colleagues while gaining valuable insights, ideas and information.  



HEE wants inspiration to happen from all aspects of the program, not just the content and activities.  We search to pick the perfect backdrop for our conversations because we feel it represents who we are during the 2 1/2 days we spend together.  



HEE believes the platform of a small, intimate group really provides opportunities that foster relationships and productive conversations which is why the program is exclusive and allocated.  We know that your time is valuable.  

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HEE is one of the most talked about programs in the hospitality industry!  All participants are invited.  Seats are allocated making it one of the most exclusive programs focusing on relationships & conversations with your beverage strategies and opportunities at the core.  

If you are interested in participating as a select supplier or multi-unit operator, please contact us today.  The ROI on small, intimate programs has shown great benefits and will be value added to your calendar.  

Hospitality Executive Exchange


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